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Over the years we have received many letters of thanks and appreciation for our furniture. So we have decided to post some of our favorites on our website for everyone to enjoy. At the end of the page you'll have a chance to tell us your story. We hope you enjoy these testimonial's, we know we have.

October 10, 1990 --

Dear Mr. Davis:

I do not have any Lillian Russell furniture, however, I do have lots of memories and an old photograph which was made on the porch that faced the office. My Dad worked at Davis Cabinet Co. from the earliest that I can remember until his death. I'm almost sure it was the only job he ever had after he moved to Nashville.

We lived on South Fifth St. in the house that is still standing between Davidson St. and Crutcher St. at that time, we rented all that property between the streets and had a farm complete with cows and pigs. I can remember listening for the whistle to blow so Daddy would come home for lunch. I started to school at Warner and walked to school even as a first grader, however, my mother walked to school with us every day. We would always walk by the factory slowly so Daddy would see us from his second floor window and wave to us. Sometimes if we were lucky, he would be pushing some furniture across the tramway, which is what they called the connector between the two buildings. As I think about it, I can almost smell the varnish and lacquer smells that emitted from the big exhaust pipes.

During World War II, as you were making gun stocks, my Dad died of a heart attack in January 1946 at the age of 42.

I still have a chair from my childhood furniture which was patterned after a ship with headboard being the ships wheel and foot being the ship's rail. The bottom of the chest represented the ships captains chest with the chair representing the lantern. The other pieces have been refinished, but the chair is the original finish.

Sincerely, Mildred Childress Holmes

October 23, 1990 --

Dear Mr. Davis:

I own a Lillian Russell Dresser with mirror and standard, and a chest.

My father, Ernest B. Walton, President Guaranty Title Company, office at corner of Third and Union bought these pieces about 1938 from his neighbor, Payne Furniture Companies, down the street on Third Ave. On the back of the chest a sticker. "Davis Cabinet Co. Makers of Good Furniture, Nashville, Tennessee 2327. Aged Walnut.

I have enjoyed using these pieces for many years, and they are still beautiful.

Sincerely, Sue Walton Cheery

October 23, 1990 --

Dear Mr. Davis:

My grandparents, Ray and Perl Conner, traveled from Shelbyville to Nashville in 1943 to purchase a Lillian Russell bedroom set for my mother, Jane, as a high school graduation present. They bought a cherry vanity, chest, double poster bed, bench, and a dining room table and four chairs for $32 credit.

My Grandmother hated to buy something on "time," but wanted to get the furniture for my mother. She said the $16 monthly payment nearly worried her to death until they got it paid off.

The furniture stayed in my Grandmother's house after my Grand father died. I can remember going their to visit, and playing make believe games on the "big bed." Because of the tall, sturdy bed posts, and the graceful curves of wood in the headboard, it was easy to pretend the bed belonged to a queen.

Last year when my Grandmother and Mother moved into Trevecca Towers in Nashville, they moved the chest of drawers in with them. The rest of the bedroom set was too big for their apartment. So we moved it into our guest bedroom, where my Mother and Grandmother use it during their visits. Everyone who visits our home says something about the bedroom set. I guess we're all so accustomed to seeing veneers and compressed wood pulp in furniture that solid cherry furniture of such fine craftsmanship is truly distinctive. But that doesn't mean this furniture can't take day-to-day living. My two daughters have continued the family tradition of playing make believe on Grandmother's "big bed."

I found the original receipt for the furniture when I was cleaning out the night stand drawer. It didn't really surprise me to find the receipt, because my Grandmother saves everything. I just couldn't believe that those five pieces of furniture cost less in 1943 than a single night stand cost today!

Sincerely, Carol Byrd

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